Peacock information in english

Peacock information in english, Peacock definition, the male of the peafowl distinguished by its long, erectile, greenish, iridescent tail coverts that are brilliantly marked with ocellated spots.

Facts and information about peacock peacock description, behavior, feeding, reproduction, peacock threats and more. Indian peacock provides info on indian peacock information, peacock in india, beautiful peacock in india, indian bird peacock, peacock information, peacock national. Find out more about peacock feathers and tails get information about peacocks and discover interesting facts with dk find out english history human body. Here is some more information about our friend, the peacock: starting from the top, the crown-like feathers are called the crest or corona this gives them a regal look. Define peacock: a male peafowl distinguished by a crest of upright feathers and by greatly elongated loosely definition of peacock for english language. Peacock feathers also adorn the crest of lord krishna, an avatar of lord vishnu, one of the trimurti in the sinhalese zodiac, peacock is the third animal zodiac of the sinhalese people of sri lanka.

Peafowl peacock advertisement image source peafowl is the term given to 2 species of bird which are members of the pheasant family the indian peafowl (pavo. How about enjoying some of the magnificent peacock facts for kids including peacock habitat, diet, and reproduction peafowls commonly referred to as peacocks, belong. The peacock (indian peafowl) the peacock (pavo cristatus) is one of the most beautiful and colorful birds in the world technically, the name “peacock” refers.

Amazing and complete peacock facts for kids about its behavior, diet, habitat, and subspecies click on to read some of the most interesting birds facts on the web. English-german online dictionary developed to help you share your knowledge with others more information contains translations by tu chemnitz and mr honey's. English wikipedia has an article on: peacock wikipedia a peacock etymology from middle english pecok, pekok, pocok, pacok (“ peacock.

A peacock is a male big bird that has a very long colorful tail feathers with eye-like markings on it. The peacock is our national bird it is a big bird it is found throughout the length and breadth of the country it is a beautiful bird its wings are long they are.  · peacock facts and information isapniti - the crow who became a peacock - english - duration: 4:15 kids planet hindi 26,096 views 4:15. The peacock essay - the peacock essay for kids of class 1 to 3 in english.

Human contributions from professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories add a translation. The indian peafowl or blue peafowl (pavo cristatus), a large and brightly coloured bird, is a species of peafowl native to south asia, but. Peacock: peacock, any of three species of resplendent birds of the pheasant family.

Peacock information in english
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